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Q. Is it OK to mix essences when I spray or evaporate them?

A. No. Essences must be applied one at a time, in the manner specifically described in the instructions for each one.


Q. How often may I use an essence?

A. Most essences can be applied as often as you choose. The instructions for each essence specify when this is not the case.


Q Do not take Petaltone essences internally!  How come?

A. The essences are not made to take internally. They are made from plants—and not all plants are edible! A small number of essences contain plant material that may be harmful when swallowed. We are working with the spirit energy of these plants—not their chemical content!


Q. May I spray Petaltone essences?

A. One may spray Crystal Clear, Clear 2 Light, and Golden Glow. The power of most Petaltone essences is severely reduced by diluting and spraying. Hence, unless specified as a sprayable essence, please use by direct evaporation.


Q. May I use Petaltone essences in the bath?

A. Any of the 21 Set and Space Clearing Set may be safely used in a bath. However, Plumeria (Hawai'i 2) may NOT be used in bath.


Q. What's the shelf life of a Petaltone essence?

A. At least 35 years. They don't degrade appreciably. We have here a bottle of Crystal Clear dating from around 1994—it works great!


Q. May I take Petaltone essences through airports, X-rays, and the like?

A. They are not affected by any equipment we have found so far. Compared with other essences, Petaltones are rather more hardy.


Q May I use these alongside other treatments I'm having, either complimentary or otherwise?

A. Yes


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