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Instructions for applying

Petaltone Essences


Most Petaltone essences are used to clear the human auric field. Selected essences are also used to clear spaces, and selected others to clear crystals, stones, and metals/minerals of all kinds. Some essences may be applied via crystal, and are identified as such in their individual descriptions.


Petaltone essences are for external use only! Petaltone creator David Eastoe shares this because Petaltone essences are simply not made for internal use. They are made from plants—and not all plants are edible!


Store away from children! Children could play with and ingest something that was not made to go inside their bodies. Store away from internal-use products!


Please follow the directions on this website for each individual essence, as they vary.


To clear the auric field, put a few drops of the essence in the palm of your hand and rub both palms together lightly. Apply the essence to the chakra/s by holding your palms about 4 to 6 inches from your or another's body for 10 seconds or so. One may also simply draw ones essence-laden palms slowly through the aura from top to bottom or vice versa. The essence transfers instantly into the energy field via evaporation, creating a powerful yet gentle therapeutic effect.


One may also go to

to watch a video of David Eastoe demonstrating how to apply Petaltone essences.




To clear buildings/spaces/workplaces, 


just three essences may be applied via spray—Crystal Clear, Clear 2 Light, and Golden Glow. The power of most essences is severely reduced by diluting and spraying. Note that once an essence is diluted in water, it does not last for long. Fill the spray bottle according to how much is needed, and replenish the essence the next time you treat the area.


Use a plant mister. A large spray bottle is best, such as the size used to spray plants, pictured above, as it has enough power to reach high into a room or space. Fill about 1/3 with water and add 3–4 drops of Crystal Clear, Clear to Light, or Golden Glow per 2/3 cup (100–150 ml). Leave for one minute. (When necessary, switch off/cover electrical equipment.) Then spray high up into the corners of the space and all around.

Astral Clear essence: Do not spray Astral Clear! The essence Astral Clear can also be used to clear places and spaces—but only via an essential oil vaporizer/diffuser, either electronic or candle-powered (as pictured above), or via a ceramic ring on a light bulb. Clean the vaporizer or ring, fill with water—and add a few drops of Astral Clear. It can be left in a corner, diffusing for many hours. This unobtrusive method is useful in treatment rooms. To shift deep, dark stuff, keep it going for days, even weeks.


To cleanse crystals/minerals, evaporate a few drops of essence into them from a close distance with your palms, or soak in water with a few drops for 30 minutes. A spray can be used to clear many crystals at once. The term mineral includes precious and semi-precious stones. (Google "mineral" for a full list.) Hence, one can clear crystals, jewelry, precious stones, rock collections, and more. This is a wonderful treatment for use in stores that sell these items. One never knows (unless one actually does!) where crystals and jewelry have been and what was going on energetically with the folks who owned them.



David Eastoe recommends the use of wood pendulums for testing which essences to use and what chakras to direct them to—as wood does not pick up energy the way crystals do. Above are a few samples of wood pendulums from the Petaltone UK website. Have fun with your Petaltone treatment work!

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