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Petaltone Testimonials

Please share your own and we will print them here!

"I first came upon these wonderful essences through the work of Judy Hall, UK author. She used Petaltone essences in her work and I was intrigued with her results. I contacted Petaltone UK regarding the Crystal Clear essence. I spoke to David about the uses of these essences and was referred to the US office. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Petaltone USA. Crystal Clear, Astral Clear, & Clear2Light have been staples in my healing practice for quite a while. I use these essences when I perform space clearings and house blessings. They are effective as clearing work can be energetically draining. I am an intuitive & energy healer. After particularly heavy days, I like to do energy clearing baths with a couple of drops of Crystal Clear. I add the drops after the bath is run. Sometimes, I add 3 drops of rose essential oil or frankincense (both high frequency oils) as well. It’s a wonderful treatment. 

Astral Clear is my go-to diffuser essence. On the days that I work, I run it all day in my healing space.  Periodically, I clean my many crystals with Crystal Clear. It is also a great room spray to keep the energy of the space bright. I spray the 4 corners and center of each room and anchor the Light with an intention. You can feel the energy shift. I've used several of the other essences for emotional/spiritual and grounding support for my clients. I have been very pleased with Petaltone since our first connection. The quality of products and service is exceptional. Wonderful essences and a great team. Thank you for sharing these gifts of healing from Mother Earth and infusing them with loving care."  ~ Massachusetts


Thank you - I am so excited for my friend to have these for her crystals as they are such a wonderful product! Hilary from the UK.

Thanks again for your good customer services and products. A Canadian customer. 

"I'm thankful to have been guided to these powerful essences! They found me at a much needed time, as I am ending a toxic marriage, while still having to live with him, so protecting my energy and the energy of my space has been challenging. I have loved using them, and can already feel the difference when I use them!"  - A North Carolina customer.

I have loved using them, and can already feel the difference when I use them! 


"I sprayed Crystal Clear around the house a few days back with miraculous results! The energy changed almost instantly! Wow!!"


"I received the Power Shield essence and already it is working. I just wanted to say thanks for the information you sent me, and what an amazing selection of essences. I have been through so many different flower essences but I am truly converted now. These are so effective."


"A man, a massage therapist from California, came into my massage clinic in Hawai'i. When I asked what was going on with him, he talked a long time about a woman he had split up with who didn't want to be split up with and who was still after him. I could feel his junked up aura from across my desk and decided I didn't want to do a massage in that kind of energy. I asked his permission to do a Petaltone treatment. He said OK. Six essences from the Practitioner's set tested. After I applied them and his aura cleared, I said, "OK, you can get on the table now." He looked at me in surprise and said, "You mean I get a massage too!"


"Thank you for your beautiful product. Golden Glow is really nice. When I use it, a lot people have told me that I look clear, light, and pure like an angel. Wow that's how I always wanted to look—clean and clear of negative energy."


"I used Clear 2 Light tonight on my aura, my neighbor's aura, and did her house as well.  She found out today that she has a tumor on her liver so I wanted to give her some peace and serenity. What an AMAZING difference!  I am also using Astral Clear in my healing room with a diffuser.

     "I have many Herkimer diamonds, amethyst cathedrals, and amethyst and clear quartz clusters and points, none of which do well with water. I usually clear them myself with my healing energy/intention, but this is much easier. Now, when I go to them they are already clear and I can program them with whatever I need. I will continue to add my healing frequencies to the essences when I am clearing." Missy Sape, Michigan 


I would like to share how much value these essences are to me, I find them quite unique in a way that is not easy to put into words, it's a know what I mean:) At present Release and Power Shield are used several times a day for me and Jenny my canine buddy to great effect :) I came across them many years ago and can't remember how I " found them", more likely they " found me":) But could only get them from the UK originally.

I am delighted they are now available in the USA and I love the new site, so much easier to navigate. Celia Macqueen, Indiana


Power Shield: "This is the best one yet! Immediately felt all the crap being cleared from my field and this has happened every time I use it. Particularly useful when I was tired and inadvertently took on other energies."


"I just wanted to let you know that I have been working with the Power Shield for almost a year now, and it is indeed powerful. I have had some amazing results."


"I worked with a young woman who came in saying she didn't feel right. I used the tested essence from the Practitioner's Set, I don't recall which it was, and when I came to her neck, I kept feeling directed to walk with my sort of cupped palms about 10 feet away from her, several times, and in different directions. It was, then, unique in my Petaltone treatment experience, and I didn't know what it meant. She told me after it all cleared that she had been in a 'learning to channel' course, and the instructor had told her she had 'entities hanging around her'. It appears I was walking them away from her."


True Space-Clearing Stories from Petaltone creator David Eastoe—clearing vibes, ghosts, and entities. Says David, "Many people report appreciable shifts in the energy environment of their homes and workspaces after using Crystal Clear and Astral Clear natural plant space-clearing essences. Do you have a story? Please share it!  Here are a few of my own examples":


1) "An old Somerset farmhouse was dark, dismal, and depressing. The goat shed scared the kids, probably because the husband had tried to hang himself in there. The family suffered depression. Firstly I treated the house with Crystal Clear, which resulted in an appreciable lightening both energetically and physically...there actually appeared to be more light getting in.

Secondly I treated the goat shed with Astral Clear and some other essences I was experimenting with. Suffice to say the children now feel so happy in there they've made it into their den."


2) The cafe was used by lots of 'vibrationally down and out' people. The atmosphere was intimidating and dark. While I was using Crystal Clear, a female customer verbally abused me; then, as the energy lightened, she moved off to find a corner where the shadows still lurked. Some people like hanging out in shadows, I guess."


3) "It was 2:00am in a large townhouse in SW England—and there was an entity in the bedroom. It must have been at least 6 feet in diameter and was like a black blob. I didn't fancy sleeping with that. I applied Astral Clear via a crystal placed on a strategic point. A few minutes later there was a loud cry from the lodgers across the landing. They had seen a large entity leaving via the staircase and out the front door."


"As we increase our psychic sensitivity, we become increasingly aware of psychic interference, which may be very annoying if not debilitating. Entities, ghosts, psychic attack, and geopathic stress: When you feel affected by any of these, what can you do? One solution is to explore the Petaltone range of natural vibrational essences for psychic protection."


'Just tried EMF Protection essence - Immediate results- clarity and peacefulness! I highly recommend this and the whole range of essences. have been using them for years. The new ranges are superb for all kinds of energy interventions from spirits, to thought forms to space clearing etc etc ...TRY THEM!!' (Nina Ashby)


"Thank you so much David for making this EMF protection essence. I'm a busy person with my own business often spending many hours (up to 10 hours a day) on the computer altho' I am careful to mainly use my mobile on speakerphone and I don't use wifi at home at all despite having 20 other wifi routers impacting my home here in London. I'm pretty much vegan and eat 70% raw organic food so am pretty sensitive so am able to really feel energy in my body and surrounding energy field/aura. It's challenging in this day and age to find products that actually work so it was very welcome finding Petaltone's EMF Protection essence. As I applied a few drops of the essence into my aura at my solar plexus area, I felt as if my body's "shielding or "energetic armouring" started to soften and I'm getting the same feeling as if I sit in nature for a while and my body's energy opens and I take a deeper breath and my whole body starts to relax. What a beautiful healing essence you have created David and I wholeheartedly recommend this essence if you want to help your body release the tension you might be feeling because of EMF overload. Thanks so much again David". - Ashera, Sound Healing Practitioner, London, UK

We love your essences here in the Pacific Northwest! Originally I heard about them through Lisa Campion, who is a teacher of mine. I recommend them often, they are just beautiful and so helpful.  - Customer from Oregon.


Thank you for these products and your work in this world! - Customer from Colorado.


Thank you for the beautiful essences. They are so wonderful. - Customer from Arkansas.


 I am so grateful that you offer the Petaltone Essences and send them to me in Canada! I really appreciate you! - Customer from British Columbia.


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