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Welcome to the World of Petaltone Essences!


Created by UK's David Eastoe . . .


Petaltone aura-clearing essences transfer the powerful energy of plants directly into your aura—where they effect deep-level changes for personal health and well-being.


Petaltone space-clearing essences clear your home, place of business,

workspace, and personal aura of unwanted energies with the world's first and most effective clearing and protection essences—all recommended by wellknown author Judy Hall in The Art of Psychic Protection,


Petaltone crystal-clearing essences clear crystals and the entire world of

minerals—rock and crystal collections, precious stones, jewelry, and more.

All essences are available in half-ounce (15 ml) and one ounce (30 ml) bottles.


All set essences are available as singles. Every set is discounted.


Petaltone essence creation is a true cottage industry. All are handmade with integrity, neither factory made nor mass-produced. Eastoe's intent is to share the newly discovered, powerful healing energies from the natural plant kingdom.


European, UK, and Japanese Petaltones are all bottled using Chalice Well water from the ancient sacred healing well at Glastonbury in Somerset, UK.


The Petaltone Story

By David Eastoe


Petaltone Essences began in the last UK recession (circa 1992). I was running a Sound Healing Studio in the Chilterns at the time, and business was quiet. I sat to meditate and ask what else I might do, and was given to begin working with plant energies. Anything further from my mind would have been hard to come up with (though I did have access to countryside around my studio). I followed this path and it opened up slowly, eventually in the early 1990s leading to the first few Petaltone essences.


These were thoroughly tried and tested, making their first public

appearances at the Flowing Gold Club in Covent Garden. They worked well to heal the aura, and were effective against psychic attack, entities, and other stral/etheric issues, as well as reaching to very deep levels, healing emotional, mental, and spiritual problems too. They helped me a lot at the time, and I set out to find an essence that would clear crystals and buildings.


Moving to Glastonbury UK in 1993, I discovered Crystal Clear spaceclearing

essence and started selling it in a crystal healing store owned by Victor

Simms (now famous for his groundbreaking Healing Computer work with World Development Systems). Victor and I tested essences together. I also took my prototypes to author Judy Hall, who provided excellent insights that helped unfold how the essences worked. Space Clear Essences were often tested in very real challenging situations. They either worked, or they didn't!!


Crystal Clear was stunningly effective and thus began to get around the

world, some early bottles ending up as far away as LA. Someone recently

brought to me round one of the old bottles from the early days, and it still works just great!!


The first set of 12 essences proved extremely useful in treating different

forms of psychic interference, removing entities and emotional vulnerability, as well as being great all round multi-level treatments. This set eventually expanded to the Practitioner's Set of 21 that is still available today.


Rather than duplicating the work of other producers, my research has

involved working with the plants to establish unique ways of producing and using essences. The 21 Set that works on multiple levels offers a Treatment Mandala that effects deep level changes in the energy field/aura. Essences are chosen via dowsing and applied in an indicated order to specified chakras. The spiritual intelligence connected to the plants creates the Healing Mandala, and deep level energy shifts immediately begin to occur.


Space-clearing essences developed with Astral Clear, probably the best

thing on the planet against entities and psychic interference. When I was invited to different countries, I discovered many new and exciting essences in more remote corners of the globe, eventually following an unfolding path to Hawai'i and stumbling upon Petaltone Plant Ally, a powerful plant spirit that enables a unique form of Shamanic healing.



David is currently based near Glastonbury, UK. He offers unique treatments in the sacred landscapes of ancient Britain, telephone sessions, and online training courses at The journey of discovery continues with new essences found and offered from time to time.

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