Clear Tone is included in our Practitioner's Set.

General Use: Cleansing etheric, tie cutting.
Elements: Earth 100%, Fire 50%, Water 25%, Ether 75%
Colors: Green 25%, Blue 60%, Indigo 100%
Mental/Etheric level: Excellent cleanser. Clears negative thought forms. Use in sequence with Aura Blue.
Astral level: Cleanses negative energies via fire element. De-energizes negative astral entities, cuts negative ties generally.
Spiritual level: Can be used to purify negative dharma, and ward off misfortune.
Creative level: Assists higher inspiration.
Polarity level: Masculine aspect: assertiveness.
Crystals: Can be used via crystal. Especially useful for dispersing negative thought forms.

Clear Tone

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    DISCLAIMER: This information is for reference only, and represents information we have been given from spiritual sources regarding use of Petaltone Essences. There is no medical evidence available to support it and therefore we make no claims as to its validity in the treatment of any condition or illness.

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