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Crystal Clear is included in our Practitioner's Set and our Space Clearing Meta Set. This amazing essence cleanses crystals and clears negative and harmful energies from buildings and the HEF. Crystal Clear is excellent for healers and therapists who want to clear the workspace in between clients.

Elements: Earth 100%, Air 77%
Colors: Orange 3%, Yellow 25%, Green 80%, Blue 90%, Indigo 100%
Physical level: Helps strengthen heart. Hay fever, cancer, tumors, boils and spots, aeration of the body.
Emotional and Astral level: Release chakra blocks, and negative emotions relating to current lifetime, seals aura against negative invasion. Cleanses lower-mid astral.
Psychic level: Bridges gap between the psychic and the spiritual (7th chakra). Physical protection. Can be used in the bath (a few drops).
Crystals: As explained, cleanses these beautifully. Can also erase their programs if used with this intent, so be clear!
Spiritual level: Connects psychic to Spiritual. Encourages existing aspirations.
Creativity level: Assists in the expansion of creative vision. Direction and goals.
Polarity: Powerful boost for the masculine aspect of both men and women (7th chakra).
To Use: To cleanse crystals/minerals, evaporate a few drops into them from a close distance or soak them in water with a few drops for 5-10 minutes (dowse how many drops for how long). To clear buildings, use four drops in a plant mister half full of water. Let stand for one minute, then spray liberally around the building. Notice the difference!

Crystal Clear

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