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Fire Clear is included in our Practitioner's Set.

To Use: Apply to the heart and sacral chakras to clear blocks around sexuality and release suppressed anger.

General Use: A clearing essence.
Elements: Fire 100%
Colors: Red 94%, Orange 55%, Yellow 70%, Green 100%, Blue 100%, Indigo 93%, Violet 100%, Pink 60%
Physical level: Debility. Energy boost, ME. Old Age. Cold sweat, rashes and burns. Clears liver (when this is strong), cancer.
Emotional level: Releases suppressed anger. Fear problems (eg. fear of death, flying, reality, success, paranoia). Motivation and enthusiasm.
Sexual level: Helps shift deep-rooted sexual problems/blocks. Can be used to assist tantric energies by raising energy level.
Spiritual level: Clearance of negativity, releases blockages concerned with group-work. Helps bring a non-aware person toward the spiritual path. Energies of Geburah.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals.

Fire Clear

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