Fire Clear is included in our Practitioner's Set.

To Use: Apply to the heart and sacral chakras to clear blocks around sexuality and release suppressed anger.

General Use: A clearing essence.
Elements: Fire 100%
Colors: Red 94%, Orange 55%, Yellow 70%, Green 100%, Blue 100%, Indigo 93%, Violet 100%, Pink 60%
Physical level: Debility. Energy boost, ME. Old Age. Cold sweat, rashes and burns. Clears liver (when this is strong), cancer.
Emotional level: Releases suppressed anger. Fear problems (eg. fear of death, flying, reality, success, paranoia). Motivation and enthusiasm.
Sexual level: Helps shift deep-rooted sexual problems/blocks. Can be used to assist tantric energies by raising energy level.
Spiritual level: Clearance of negativity, releases blockages concerned with group-work. Helps bring a non-aware person toward the spiritual path. Energies of Geburah.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals.

Fire Clear

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    DISCLAIMER: This information is for reference only, and represents information we have been given from spiritual sources regarding use of Petaltone Essences. There is no medical evidence available to support it and therefore we make no claims as to its validity in the treatment of any condition or illness.

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