Jasmine is included in our Practitioner's Set.

To Use: Apply to the whole aura for feeling beautiful about yourself and your image.

General Use: Positive self-image, clears depression. Beauty. Birth.
Elements: Earth 90%, Fire 88%, Water 86%, Air 90%, Ether 96%
Colors: Red 90%, Orange 90%, Yellow 80%, Green 90%, Blue 50%, Pink 85%, Indigo 100%, Violet 87%, Gold 87%
Physical level: Assists clearing of liver, and useful in pregnancy.
Emotional level: Positive self image, clears self demeaning emotions, self-expression blocks, depression. Clears heart centre.
Astral level: Opens astral doorways. Clears some negativity at this level.
Psychic level: Assists flow of healing energies.
Sexual level: Appreciation of beauty. Heart centre openness.
Creative level: The completion phase of the creative cycle.
Polarity: Strengthens feminine aspect.
Buildings: Clears atmospheres of depression.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals and some other minerals.
Also: Assists when giving birth, helps the incoming soul to have a less traumatic birth.


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    DISCLAIMER: This information is for reference only, and represents information we have been given from spiritual sources regarding use of Petaltone Essences. There is no medical evidence available to support it and therefore we make no claims as to its validity in the treatment of any condition or illness.

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