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Jasmine is included in our Practitioner's Set.

To Use: Apply to the whole aura for feeling beautiful about yourself and your image.

General Use: Positive self-image, clears depression. Beauty. Birth.
Elements: Earth 90%, Fire 88%, Water 86%, Air 90%, Ether 96%
Colors: Red 90%, Orange 90%, Yellow 80%, Green 90%, Blue 50%, Pink 85%, Indigo 100%, Violet 87%, Gold 87%
Physical level: Assists clearing of liver, and useful in pregnancy.
Emotional level: Positive self image, clears self demeaning emotions, self-expression blocks, depression. Clears heart centre.
Astral level: Opens astral doorways. Clears some negativity at this level.
Psychic level: Assists flow of healing energies.
Sexual level: Appreciation of beauty. Heart centre openness.
Creative level: The completion phase of the creative cycle.
Polarity: Strengthens feminine aspect.
Buildings: Clears atmospheres of depression.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals and some other minerals.
Also: Assists when giving birth, helps the incoming soul to have a less traumatic birth.


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