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This essence is included in our Practitioner's Set.

To Use:

General Use: Release of blocks.
Elements: Earth 100%, Air 100%, Water 100%
Colors: Blue 80%, Silver 50%
Physical level: Blood health, congested arteries, lymphatic system, oxygenation, energy from breath, impotence.
Emotional level: Release of deep seated emotions (possibly from deep past); eg. guilt, grief, terror, hatred shame, regret, also rigidity. General heart chakra and emotional expression. This essence is particularly subject to the intention. Also good for those born under Libra.
Mental level: Assertiveness and development of the will. Communication skills, sales/marketing.
Sexual level: Deep blocks. Impotence.
Psychic level: Very good protection. Seems to work by awakening personal Spirit Protector.
Astral level: Helps with dreams and dream-memory, symbolism and protection.
Buildings: Use a few drops in plant mister to awaken the Spirit Protector of building/place. (Use Crystal Clear first).


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