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Silver Genie is included in our Practitioner's Set.

General Use: Mental structure, business, discipline. Dreams. Fears.
Elements: Earth 90%, Water 97%, Ether 96%
Colors: Green 40%, Blue 100%, Indigo 100%, Violet 100%, Gold 100%, Silver 100%
Physical level: Leukemia, bone problems, growing bones. Diseases of nervous system. Cools fevers, soothes nerves. Womb health, kidneys.
Emotional level: Helps relationships between individuals and groups. Physical defensiveness. Nurturing, release of tears, Deep seated blocks about money. Victim, child abuse, negative female archetype problems.
Sexual level: Releases sexual blocks, Sexual shyness. Magnetism.
Sub-conscious level: Fears of the unknown, sub-conscious fears. Helps bring out hidden intent (3rd and 5th chakra). Fear of masculine tyranny. Fear of the dark. Drug abuse (LSD/cocaine). Assists general access to sub-conscious and helps deal with it.
Mental level: Mental laziness. Assists generally with business, management, mental structural processes. Analysis, science, esoteric disciplines and studies (eg. numerology, astrology). Blocks about money. Passing exams. Academia.
Psychic level: Mindreading (2nd, 3rd and 5th chakras). Realms of Anubis and Isis. Dreams: helps to confront issues in dreams. Dream answers to questions asked before sleep, protection in dreams (2nd chakra before sleep). Dowsing and intuition.
Creative level: Assists the receiving phase of the creative cycle. To accept the rewards of work done. Group work/play.
Spiritual level: Mental side of spiritual discipline, grounding spiritual energies. Providing structures for energies to flow through.
Crystals: Telepathy by crystals. Crystal ‘answerphones’. Charges crystals with the essence’s properties and can be applied this way. Helps heal a physically damaged crystal. Intercommunication of crystals.

Silver Genie

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