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Soul Star is included in our Practitioner's Set.

General: Connection to Guidance. Can be used after Crystal Clear to charge crystals with powerful healing energies. Evaporate a few drops into crystals. Alternately, after clearing crystals discard water and add Soul Star to fresh, filtered tap water for 20 minutes to charge. For large crystals put several drops in a spray bottle to charge crystals.
Elements: Earth 100%, Fire 50%, Ether 80%
Colors: Green 5%, Blue 35%, Indigo 100%, Violet 100%, White 95%, Pink 75%
Physical level: Assists with energizing.
Emotional and Astral level: Disperses depression and self-demeaning emotions. Assists to prevent nightmares. Connects to the higher astral, closes doors to the lower astral. Assists contact with the Angelic realms, and more spiritualized aspects of the astral.
Sexual level: Assists more spiritual connections between partners.
Spiritual level: Awakens contact with higher self. Guidance.
Polarity: Boosts the masculine aspect in both sexes.
Crystals: Charges crystals very powerfully with healing energy.

Soul Star

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