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'Deep Level' Spirit Path Essences

Amazing new essences are made by us in Thailand.


The Spirit Path 1 raises the vibration of your Astral body including the Lower Astral. The essence connects Heaven and Earth, bringing energies from the most refined levels of high frequency vibrations into the Astral Body, gently but powerfully. This helps to calm and heal and bring into alignment, replacing negative and harmful energies.


Spirit Path 2   Transformation Essence
Transformation of harmful energies, especially at the physical level. This essence provides grounding and brings the energies down into the earthly vehicle, while calming and steadying.
It works in the Fire element and transforms negativity and is mentally stimulating.  Spirit Path essence keeps coming up in dowsing sessions and is very useful! Discover answers to questions, via Astral Travel.


Spirit Path 3  Astral Spirit Path / Psychic Gateway

Spirit Path 3 is a psychic gateway essence. It helps with aligning the energies at the gateway at back of the neck and can be useful for those wishing to Astral Travel or who have issues with this. It may also help those whose Astral layers are not quite aligned with the physical.  Connections with people are enhanced. Helps also with being decisive.


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