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Stands Alone is included in our Practitioner's Set. It clears limiting thought forms and energy patterns.

To Use: Apply to the throat and solar plexus chakras.

General Use: Maintain individuality whilst with the crowd. Valuing personal uniqueness. Regression.
Elements: Air 90%, Water 100%
Colors: Violet (Pale Violet) 100%
Physical level: Air in bloodstream. Endocrine system, some malfunctioning glands. Benign tumors, stones blisters and chilblains. Strengthens heart.
Spiritual level: Assists maintaining spiritual centre whilst with the mass. Helps cope with lonely aspects of the spiritual path.
Feminine aspect: Receptivity without weakness. Strengthens aura. Aids regression and access of Akashic records. Helps to find spiritual path.
Crystals: Will take on some of the properties of this essence.

Stands Alone

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