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These beautiful essences are applied via evaporation into the aura during foreplay and lovemaking, enhancing subtle energies and sensitivity. Exploring subtle energies during lovemaking is one way to enter the exciting sensual world of tantra. The dance of energies between lovers is exquisite and can be enhanced when plant energy essences are introduced. New levels of sensitivity mean more ecstatic moments. The physical levels of sexual interchange melt into a deeper and more satisfying realm. Physical climax becomes secondary to a feeling of continual orgasm which happens in the different chakras. The plants lend us their subtle but powerful energies so we can delve more deeply and open up more fully. Past life experiences and soul contact are often enhanced. The effect is safe and gentle, and, unlike drugs and stimulants, has no side effects other than a tendency towards being more deeply relaxed.

The Tantric Love Essences Set for Couples includes the following five essences:

Deep Spring
Golden River
Mountain Yang
Purple Valley


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