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Golden Light is included in our Practitioner's Set.

General Use: Bathes aura in golden light.
Elements: Earth 95%, Air 95%, Water 100%, Ether 100%
Colors: Orange 100%, Yellow 90%, Green 90%, Gold 100%, Silver 70%
Physical level: Bruising, blood problems, cholesterol, bad circulation, urinary disorders (not infections), weak bladder.
Emotional level: Transmutation of lower emotions. Over emotional. Flowering, growth. Contacting higher level emotions.
Psychic level: De-cording, unhooking from people and past.
Spiritual level: Unconditional love, growth, flowering, setting foot on spiritual path, links with spiritual teachers. Adds beautiful golden energies to whole HEF.
Crystals: Cleanses and bathes them in golden light. Prepares crystal for healing work.

Golden Light

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