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Power Shield

Apply via evaporation to the aura, or place a couple of drops on the inner wrists (a useful energy access point). Cleanses and builds a powerful astral barrier of protection preventing incursions of unwanted energies, interferences, etc. Use as often as needed.

Space Master

Apply via evaporation into the aura, or placing a few drops on the inner wrists or at the back of the neck. Space Master creates powerful shielding and establishing of aura boundaries. Often good to use just before sleep, o if disturbed in the night with any feelings of psychic intrusion.

EMF Protection

Calming, centering the energy, all around protection as well as shielding from electro magnetic frequencies from computers, phones, wifi, etc. Apply via evaporation to th aura. Use as frequently as required.

Fire Tone

Apply via evaporation to the aura, or place a few drops on the inner wrists. Helps to stabilize your energy field and strengthen resistance to energy pirates of all kinds.  During daytime use it helps to shield your aura within the boundaries necessary for worldly activities. Use freely as required.


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