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Spirit Ground is included in our Practitioner's Set.

To Use: Apply to the solar plexus to release the past.

General Use: Grounding
Elements: Earth 90%, Fire 100%, Water 95%
Colors: Red 100%, Orange 90%
Physical levels: Assists: Low energy, M.E., bad circulation and arthritis. Rheumatism, strengthens heart and arteries/veins. Loss of blood, period pains, leukemia, new blood cells, prostate gland.
Emotional level: Assertiveness, self image. Victim syndrome, victims of sexual abuse (this lifetime), violence. Suicidal tendencies. Release of anger. Postpartum depression (4th chakra), de-cording (strong ties), bereavement. Sense of brotherhood/family. Humor.
Sexual level: Assists male erection problems, confidence.
Creativity level: Grounding of ideas into form and structure in the world. Good for creative artists generally.
Spiritual level: Fear of one’s own power/giving power away (1st and 12th chakras). Contacting the Fire Elementals. Spiritual energies grounding to earth level. Enhances sense of brotherhood of man. Humor.
Crystals: Will imbue crystal with the above properties.

Spirit Ground

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