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Triple Application Set with new application method! Deep level protection by layered application. The essences in the Triple Application Set are applied two (2) t or three (3) times in sequence, building layers that deepen and strengthen the effects. They are made especially for this kind of application. Be guided as to how you feel as to whether to apply 2 times or 3 times in succession, they can be rather strong! These essences are all applied via evaporation except where noted. The following are all protection and clearing essences:


Flow Master:  clears and protects the central energy in the spine and releases blockage. The Kundalini channel rises through all the Chakras via this central column of energy in the spine. Keeping this clear and flowing can have a profound effect on your vital energy at all levels.


Silver Sentinel: builds three levels of aura boundary and protection making it more difficult for unwanted energies to intrude and giving you more control over your personal energy space.


Angel Fire:  protection and clearing that builds strong boundaries that offer an effective defense against energies that may seek to assert dominance and intrude against your will.


EMF Proctection 2:  aura protection and help against electromagnetic frequencies to which many are becoming increasingly sensitive as more and more build up around us all the time.


Clear Psychic Gateway 2:  can be used at the back of the neck, the psychic gateway that can be a

vulnerable  area where unwanted energies intrude.


Temple Space: this essences is applied to the floor for creating a protection energy space. Place a drop or two (2) in each of the four (4) quarters around your feet and a drop in the middle between the feet. This establishes a strong personal space with protective boundaries, a safe environment for meditation, healing yoga, and shamanic practices.


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